RaDonda Vaught’s Story: Versed vs. Vecuronium

RaDonda Vaught's Story Versed Versus Vecuronium

Two years ago, a Nashville nurse was convicted of negligent homicide and impaired adult abuse after accidentally administering the wrong medication to a patient. Read the full facts of RaDonda Vaught’s case, including the support she recieved from hundreds of nurses and how her story sparked change across the country. In December of 2017, a […]

The Infusion Nurse & the Pharmacist

Intro to Infusion: The Infusion Nurse & the Pharmacist

Bailey Klingaman explores the definitions of infusion nurses and pharmacists, the responsibilities that come with their titles, and how to enter the professions. Thank you to Pamela Jones McIntyre, MSN, RN, CRNI, OCN, Ig-CN, VA-BC and Chuck DiTrapano, RPh for their contributions on why to enter the field and pursue a career as an infusion […]

IV Therapy Advocacy Through the Lens of a Nurse

IV Therapy Advocacy Through the Lens of a Nurse

Marlene M. Steinheiser, PhD, RN, CRNI®, shares her personal experiences with self-advocacy in infusion therapy. As a seasoned infusion professional, Dr. Steinheiser has not only advocated for her own safety and educated the clinicians around her,  but has extended her guidance to family, teaching others how to ensure they receive the best IV therapy possible. […]

Pharmacy Technicians Are Important

Pharmacy Technicians are Important Cover Image

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh, recognizes the integral role pharmacy technicians have, and their contributions toward managing a successful practice. Joanne Adam, CPhT, offers insight about the potential advancements pharmacy technicians can make in the field. There is a common misconception that the pharmacy industry is purely product-driven. As a practicing pharmacist, I can attest that this […]

Making Medication Administration Safer

Making Medication Administration Safer Cover Image

Eric Cropp, RPh, shares his personal story about a medication error that forever changed his life, how he became a patient safety advocate, and ways we can make medication administration safer for patients and caregivers. What Happened to Emily Jerry There were multiple red flags leading up to Emily Jerry’s last treatment. The first came […]

More Than Just a Pharmacy Technician

More Than Just a Pharmacy Technician Cover Image

The following guest post was written by Joanne Adam, a certified pharmacy technician. We are grateful to Joanne for sharing her story and helping others to understand how important the role of pharmacy technician has become, especially in our nation’s hospitals. The Role of a Pharmacy Technician When I first started out as a pharmacy […]

Pharmacy Technicians: The Invisible Asset

Pharmacy Technicians: The Invisible Asset Cover Image

If you have ever had a prescription filled in a pharmacy, received an IV infusion in a hospital, or received a medication in a nursing home, you have received services from a pharmacy technician. Who are these people? How are they trained? The answer to these questions is both complex and inconsistent but can be […]

The Vital Role of Pharmacy Technicians

Two-year-old Emily Jerry looking up.

The following post was written by Chris Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation. Chris tragically lost his daughter as a result of a preventable medical error made by a pharmacy technician. We are grateful to Chris for his courage in sharing his story as well as for the work he is doing to bring light […]

In Support of the Second Victim

In Support of the Second Victim Cover Image

Eight years after the tragic medication error that led to two-year-old Emily Jerry’s death, Eric Cropp, RPh is still distraught over the events of that day. He currently advocates for patients and caregivers involved in medication errors, and supports second-victim awareness. It has been 8 years since I made the biggest mistake of my life. […]