Frequently Asked Questions

What is RxToolKit?

RxToolKit was founded by an experienced infusion pharmacist to act as a virtual pharmacist. RxToolKit’s flagship software solutions include RxWorkFlow and RxELearning which are web-based applications designed to reduce medication errors, enhance clinical competencies, increase patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes.


In 2022, RxToolKit became a WeInfuse company.


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What is RxWorkFlow?

RxWorkFlow is a software subscription service that contains an online library of 200+ medication guides in an easy to digest format for infusion nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other clinicians.


These monographs contain product-specific calculators with drug-specific infusion rates, tapering tables, and both dose preparation and administration instructions. The RxWorkFlow customizable library primarily includes infusion medications and vaccines complete with patient education resources.


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What is RxELearning?

RxELearning is a software subscription service that offers online drug-specific competency training, assessments, certification, and tracking for clinicians. Automated training and customizable assessments allow organizations to enhance medication-specific clinical competency.


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What is RxAcademy?
RxAcademy includes both (i) RxToolKit’s own ECourses and (ii) Pharmacy Technician University (PTU). These courses are sold individually through our online store.
RxToolKit ECourses: Our RxToolKit ECourses are designed by pharmacist, Chuck DiTrapano, RPh, as individual courses for all clinicians including infusion nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians to increases safety for both patients and caregivers. These are dynamic courses for digging deeper into a topical area to enhance clinical competency, boost confidence, and ensure success.

PTU: RxToolKit has partnered with TRC Healthcare to advance TRC’s Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU). PTU is a comprehensive online pharmacy technician training program that includes exam preparation for the PTCE and ExCPT exams. PTU is engaging, self-paced, and interactive! Completing PTU courses has proven to significantly increase the average pass rate on the national certification exam.


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Who can benefit from RxToolKit?

Both organizations and individual clinicians who are preparing and administering vaccines and infusion and injectable medications will benefit from RxToolKit’s software solutions.


Organizations using RxToolKit’s solutions include infusion pharmacies, infusion centers, long-term care pharmacies with infusion services, hospitals and health systems, home health providers, health clinics, universities and academic settings.


Individual clinicians utilizing RxToolKit’s solutions include clinical compliance leaders, pharmacists, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and pharmacy technicians.


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Does RxToolKit integrate with WeInfuse?

Yes. RxWorkFlow’s medication guides and drug monographs are integrated into the WeInfuse software application (as of September 2022).

How do you manage updates to your content, what is the frequency, and how do I verify it’s correct?

We have a fully licensed multi-disciplinary clinical editing team of pharmacists, nurses, and pharmacy technicians that provides complete quality control. We stay on top of all changes as they are released from the FDA, and we prioritize the scheduling of any changes deemed to be of an urgent or critical nature.


The information is updated in both the RxWorkFlow medication monograph library and the RxELearning drug courses as necessary.


Accuracy and specific drug information can be verified by following direct links provided inside every RxWorkFlow monograph to view the complete package insert provided by the FDA.


Our clients are notified of updates via quarterly e-newsletters. We also provide a live Drug Update Report for our clients so they can reference when each RxWorkFlow monograph (and RxELearning course if available) has been updated. The report includes a summary of which section was updated and what changed.


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What are the technical requirements?

RxToolKit’s software solutions are web-based. So, the only requirement to use our applications is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection which can access a browser.


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How do we work with RxToolKit and what does it cost?

Our software solutions are licensed on an affordable monthly subscription basis.


RxWorkFlow and RxELearning are licensed together.


Monthly licensing fees are based on the number of users starting at $99 for the first user and $59 for each additional user. For larger organizations, our team provides pricing proposals after determining specific needs and the total number of users.


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What is the implementation process like?

We have a super simple implementation process which depends on: answering a few customization questions specific to the organization’s use case and completion of an initial kick-off call.


Once we have received a signed license agreement, a member of the RxToolKit implementation team will send the customization questionnaire and reach out to schedule a 30-minute initial kick-off meeting. After receiving answers to the customization questions and following the kick-off meeting, organizations can be live within one week.


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We have decided to license RxToolKit’s software solutions to improve patient safety. Does using RxToolKit translate into savings on our organization’s medical malpractice (professional) liability insurance?

Yes. RxToolKit has developed a collaboration with a leading national broker and highly rated insurance company whereby RxToolKit clients are eligible to receive meaningful savings on their medical malpractice (professional) liability insurance.


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