Medication Safety + Clinical Competency

RxToolKit’s mission is to improve patient access and clinical outcomes through software solutions that enhance medication safety and increase clinical competency.

RxToolKit was founded in 2001 by Chuck DiTrapano, RPh. Since its inception, Chuck and his team have been dedicated to bringing best-in-class medication education and clinical training to infusion and pharmacy providers across the United States.

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Clinical checklist on a computer

RxToolKit software solutions provide curated resources that include step-by-step instructions for infusion and injectable medications complete with patient education resources.

These pharmacist-approved drug monographs distill the package insert into easy-to-use guides to ensure proper preparation and safe administration of medications.

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RxToolKit’s solutions reduce medication errors, enhance clinical competencies, increase patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes.

 In 2022, RxToolKit became a WeInfuse company.

Meet Our Team

RxToolKit is made possible by an incredible team of professionals that work to understand the needs of pharmacies and infusion clinics on a daily basis.