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Our online software solutions reduce medication errors, enhance clinical competencies, increase patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes. Use RxToolKit’s solutions to be your virtual pharmacist.




A library of over 200+ user-friendly medication guides for clinicians including infusion nurses, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. Our pharmacist-curated monographs have product specific calculators that provide drug specific calculations such as infusion rates and taper charts and instructions for preparation and administration. Medications in our library primarily include infusion medications and vaccines. Libraries are customizable and also contain patient education tools.


Training and assessments for clinical teams to enhance medication specific competency which includes certification tracking. Clinical managers and supervisors benefit from robust competency verification reporting.


Enhance clinical competencies, boost confidence and improve clinical outcomes. RxAcademy is an online library of courses that includes both RxToolKit’s own ECourses and TRC Healthcare’s Pharmacy Technician University (PTU). These online courses are sold individually through our store.

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