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Medication Safety
Chuck DiTrapano RPh

Fighting COVID-19 — All hands on Deck

Complimentary COVID-19 Preparation and Administration Resources are Now Available on RxTOOLKIT has created new interactive RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety Preparation and Administration Worksheets for

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Tools to Support Success

For the infusion center nurse, not being familiar with a drug they need to prepare and administer can be a source of stress and anxiety.

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The Zero Movement

Who cares about medication safety as much as we do? The Emily Jerry Foundation! RxTOOLKIT is both honored and excited to announce our official partnership

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The Power of the Pen

Ever since my very first day on the job as a hospital pharmacist, I have placed a “C” using a blue Sharpie on every single

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Reporting Medication Errors

As a health care worker, reporting medication errors is one of our most important professional mandates. Keeping our patients and ourselves from harm involves learning from

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In My Own Words

In February 2006, I reported to work in the early morning, at a primary pediatric hospital in Cleveland. I worked double shifts the previous two

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My Near Miss

About 6 years ago I was working as the IV pharmacist on second shift and I was presented with a large number of IV’s to check

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Practitioners on the Defensive

In the article titled: “Current approaches to punitive action for medication errors by boards of pharmacy”, the authors point out that most boards of pharmacy

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