Making Medication Administration Safer

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Eric Cropp, RPh, shares his personal story about a medication error that forever changed his life, how he became a patient safety advocate, and ways we can make medication administration safer for patients and caregivers. What Happened to Emily Jerry There were multiple red flags leading up to Emily Jerry’s last treatment. The first came […]

Fighting COVID-19 — All hands on Deck

Complimentary COVID-19 Preparation and Administration Resources are Now Available on RxTOOLKIT has created new interactive RxWORKFLOW for IV Safety Preparation and Administration Worksheets for the currently available COVID-19 monoclonal antibody products and you can get now them for free! Please read on to find out how. COVID-19 has presented a significant challenge to all […]

Are You Ready to Prepare and Administer COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapies?

The country is now entering a new phase of COVID-19, one that is less reactive and more proactive in the form of prevention and treatment. As a medical community, we are now being armed with tools to fight the COVID pandemic. Science is working on prevention and treatment at the same time. Prevention means vaccines. Treatments include […]

Introducing RxWORKFLOW for Vaccine Safety™

While we are all facing the challenges of this pandemic and with one of the primary focus points being the development of a vaccine, we at RxTOOLKIT® are excited to announce a new RxWORKFLOW™ collection that will be invaluable to anyone who administers vaccines. Did you realize that there are 85 different vaccine products approved […]

Tools to Support Success

For the infusion center nurse, not being familiar with a drug they need to prepare and administer can be a source of stress and anxiety. This is an experience I am personally familiar with. At one point early in my career, I received an order for a drug called ELAPRASE (idursulfase). I knew nothing about […]

Increasing Confidence with Best Practices for Infusion Therapy

There have been so many improvements in the outpatient infusion market in recent years. The good news is that patients can now achieve a higher quality of life even when they are afflicted with a lifetime chronic condition through treatments utilizing periodic injections or infusions. If you place yourself in any patient’s shoes, what would […]

Ensuring Drug Specific Competency for Infusion Center Clinicians

As with any occupation, there’s a lot to know in order to become a competent and proficient professional. Healthcare is no different. Based on your specific discipline, be it pharmacy, nursing, or physician, there are skills and tasks that are essential to the successful completion of your responsibilities. For infusion center clinicians, the most essential […]

Taking Control of Your Internal Reference Library

We’ve all seen this; a healthcare worker in a white coat, pockets stuffed with papers. In hand, they have a notebook, handheld calculator, and a variety of dog-eared papers. Early in my career, I decided to take a clinical supervisory position after serving 15+ years as a traveling executive for a healthcare company. Though I […]

We Support Pennsylvania House Bill 770!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” B. Franklin On April 9, 2019 my colleagues and I from the Pennsylvania Society of Health System Pharmacists (PSHP) will be attending a meeting with Pennsylvania State Representative Tony DeLuca. Representative DeLuca, along with 12 other co-sponsors, have sponsored House Bill 770 into the General […]

Check out the new!

Our marketing team has been hard at work updating the site to showcase our latest apps and services RxTOOLKIT® is proud to announce the launch of our new marketing website which coincides with our expanding role as a medication safety leader. The primary objectives of our site development effort were focused on aesthetics, simplifying content, and increasing the […]