6 Key Characteristics of a Successful Infusion Center

6 Key Characteristics of a Successful Infusion Center Cover Image

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh discusses how competence, confidence, consistency, culture, creativity, and communication work together to make an infusion center successful. There have been many improvements in the outpatient infusion market in recent years. The good news is that patients can now achieve a higher quality of life even when they are afflicted with a lifetime […]

Pharmacy Technicians Are Important

Pharmacy Technicians are Important Cover Image

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh, recognizes the integral role pharmacy technicians have, and their contributions toward managing a successful practice. Joanne Adam, CPhT, offers insight about the potential advancements pharmacy technicians can make in the field. There is a common misconception that the pharmacy industry is purely product-driven. As a practicing pharmacist, I can attest that this […]

Why Tech Training Matters and What’s the Real ROI?

Why Tech Training Matters and What's the Real ROI? Cover Image

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh takes a deep dive into pharmacy technician training, lack of education, and return on investment for certification.  My essential core motivation for technician training comes from both an intense passion to improve the pharmacy profession and a deliberate intention to make the patients it serves safer. I believe strongly that true patient […]

It’s Time for Pharmacy to Find Ways to Collect and Share Information

It's Time for Pharmacy to Find Ways to Collect and Share Information Cover Image

A big thanks goes out to Jerry Fahrni, Founder of Jerry Fahrni Consulting and Director of Pharmacy Services at Sutter Health, for allowing RxToolKit to republish his article on electronic medical records, data collection, and pharmaceutical practices. Regardless of what everyone thinks, the healthcare industry is in the infancy of “big data”. The concept isn’t […]

Technology, Technicians, Action!

Technology, Technicians, Action! Cover Image

RxToolKit Founder Chuck DiTrapano explores the current challenges and potential successes that technology and pharmacy technicians can have in the healthcare industry.  The profession of pharmacy has certainly evolved in the years since my graduation and licensure. Significant improvements to patient care and an increase in quality outcomes are evident to any long-term observer of […]

Pharmacy Technician Certification

Pharmacy Technician Certification Cover Image

Christina Martin, Section Chief – IVAU at the National Institutes of Health, discusses the lack of regulation of pharmacy technicians in most states. As a former PhT, she emphasizes the importance of certification and licensure for pharmacy technicians. I began my pharmacy career in 2003 as a pharmacy technician for Weis Markets in Lancaster County, […]