The Vital Role of Pharmacy Technicians

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The following post was written by Chris Jerry of the Emily Jerry Foundation. Chris tragically lost his daughter as a result of a preventable medical error made by a pharmacy technician. We are grateful to Chris for his courage in sharing his story as well as for the work he is doing to bring light […]

It’s Time for Pharmacy to Find Ways to Collect and Share Information

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A big thanks goes out to Jerry Fahrni, Founder of Jerry Fahrni Consulting and Director of Pharmacy Services at Sutter Health, for allowing RxToolKit to republish his article on electronic medical records, data collection, and pharmaceutical practices. Regardless of what everyone thinks, the healthcare industry is in the infancy of “big data”. The concept isn’t […]

Pharmacy IV Rooms: Are we minding the gap…???

Pharmacy IV Rooms: Are we minding the gap...??? Cover Image

Thank you to Rayburn Vrabel, former President and Principal Consultant at Vrabel Consulting Inc., and current Medication Systems Strategy Advisor, for allowing RxToolKit to publish his article, as originally seen on LinkedIn May 15, 2015, about the systems and practices that affect IV room safety. Last week in Mark Neuenschwander’s Point of Care Forum (, […]

Pharmacy Technician Certification

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Christina Martin, Section Chief – IVAU at the National Institutes of Health, discusses the lack of regulation of pharmacy technicians in most states. As a former PhT, she emphasizes the importance of certification and licensure for pharmacy technicians. I began my pharmacy career in 2003 as a pharmacy technician for Weis Markets in Lancaster County, […]

Medication Errors: “A Pharmacist’s Tale”

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JDJ Consulting Founder and President John Karwoski discusses a recent near-miss medication error and the actions he took to rectify the situation. He also provides suggestions for ways to prevent medication errors and near-misses in the future. I was working at the hospital last night and caught a “near-miss.” The physician ordered a 4000 unit […]