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RxToolKit + Infusion Nurses Society Partnership
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Partnership Between RxToolKit and the Infusion Nurses Society Provides Continuing Education Courses to Infusion Teams

DALLAS | June 15, 2023RxToolKit, a provider of clinical education and infusion safety software, has partnered with the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), an international organization that advocates for the interests of healthcare professionals involved in infusion therapy.

The partnership allocates 25 infusion-related INS webinars to be housed as continuing education (CE) courses on RxELearning, RxToolKit’s clinical training and education platform. These courses are available to RxToolKit clients free of charge, and are open to enrollment at present.

“This collaboration with INS is monumental for RxToolKit and the clinical teams utilizing our software,” RxToolKit CEO Bryan Johnson said. “Not only do our clients have access to reliable infusion drug guides and the corresponding training courses, but they now have infusion-specific continuing education courses at their disposal within the RxELearning platform.”

Each of the available INS webinars in RxToolKit grants the user one nursing contact hour and two CRNI® recertification units upon completion. These courses are designed to advance knowledge and educate nurses regarding new methods or INS Standards of Practice updates.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with RxToolKit,” INS CEO Chris Hunt said. “INS has long been synonymous with setting the standard for infusion care. We are proud to share our unique continuing education courses with the clinical teams utilizing RxToolKit.”

About the Infusion Nurses Society

Infusion Nurses Society (INS) is an international nonprofit organization that represents infusion nurses and other healthcare professionals in the infusion industry. INS is dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in infusion nursing and works to accomplish this by developing the Standards of Practice, providing professional development opportunities, supporting professional certification, and more. Through conferences, virtual learning, numerous publications, and scholarships, INS promotes research and education in the infusion industry.

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About RxToolKit

RxToolKit is a life-saving training and process improvement solution for infusion medications. Its clinical resources tool, RxWorkFlow, features over 200 drug monographs for chronic care specialty and biologic medications, antibiotics, and vaccines. Each monograph includes instructions for medication preparation and administration, patient education resources, and quick calculators to increase safety. RxELearning, its clinical training platform, offers drug-specific information in a comprehensive, educational format for clinical teams. Course-specific assessments and verification reporting ensure teams are clinically competent and promote error prevention.

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    1. Hi Luciana,
      Thanks for the comment! If you are an INS member and your company utilizes RxToolKit’s software, these 25 courses are available to you and your team at no additional cost as part of RxToolKit’s offerings. If your company does not currently utilized our software :(, you can access 5 of these a-la-carte CE courses through RxAcademy. I hope this answered your question, but if you need any more information, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to help!

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About RxToolKit

RxToolKit was founded by an experienced infusion pharmacist to act as a virtual pharmacist. RxToolKit’s flagship software solutions include RxWorkFlow and RxELearning which are web-based applications designed to reduce medication errors, enhance clinical competencies, increase patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes.

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