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How Thrivewell Infusion Maximized Efficiency


As package inserts are frequently revised by the FDA, those in the medication box may not be relevant.

To ensure correct procedures, nurses would access medication guides from a variety of healthcare software solutions. Although reliable resources for current package inserts, these software solutions focused on multiple aspects of healthcare and did not have patient education material readily available.

Thrivewell Infusion Case Study


With RxToolKit, Thrivewell nurses no longer utilize an array of healthcare software, but have access to up-to-date drug monographs, patient education print-outs, and quick calculators in one infusion-specific software application.

As of September 2022, RxToolKit integrated with WeInfuse, a software platform that streamlines the infusion and pharmacy workflow.

As users of both WeInfuse and RxToolKit, the Thrivewell team has the ability to review the medication guide specific to the current infusion directly within the WeInfuse application, minimizing the number of portals and platforms used.

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