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Who cares about medication safety as much as we do? The Emily Jerry Foundation!

RxTOOLKIT is both honored and excited to announce our official partnership with this wonderful organization. Our president and founder, Chuck DiTrapano, has just been appointed to the Executive Board of Directors.

Bitcoin OTC CompanyA big thanks to Chris Jerry, President and CEO of the Emily Jerry Foundation, who said, “I am extremely confident that your years of experience and knowledge of safe pharmacy practice, as well as your business expertise will play a vital role in the overall success of the foundation. More importantly, I truly believe that you will help us to achieve our primary core objective…to ultimately get to zero preventable medication errors in our nations world-renowned medical facilities!” Chris, we couldn’t agree more!

We like to call it “The Zero Movement”. We invite you to get involved and we welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have. Lets work together to make zero a reality.

Please visit or contact us for more information.

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh

Chuck DiTrapano, RPh

RxToolKit Founder and VP of Pharmacy Education, Chuck DiTrapano, is a pharmacist, seasoned healthcare executive, and military veteran. Before founding RxToolKit, Chuck served in various leadership roles within large healthcare organizations including Vitalink Pharmacy Services and Omnicare. Chuck served as the Operations Manager of Reading Health System’s Pharmacy from 2001 until 2017. At Reading, Chuck was inspired to start RxToolKit as he saw firsthand the need to enhance medication safety through process improvement.

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RxToolKit was founded by an experienced infusion pharmacist to act as a virtual pharmacist. RxToolKit’s flagship software solutions include RxWorkFlow and RxELearning which are web-based applications designed to reduce medication errors, enhance clinical competencies, increase patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes.

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