Reporting Medication Errors

As a health care worker, reporting medication errors is one of our most important professional mandates. Keeping our patients and ourselves from harm involves learning from the errors committed. Errors teach us about the vulnerabilities in the systems we work with everyday.

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) operates two  national error-reporting programs—the National Medication Errors Reporting  Program (ISMP MERP) and the National Vaccine Errors Reporting Program (ISMP  VERP). Both are confidential voluntary programs that provide expert analysis of  system-based causes of medication and vaccine errors. This is the vehicle to report medication errors. is not to be used for reporting medication errors. is a forum for users to share experiences, provide support, gain knowledge and have an ongoing dialog between care givers.


Chuck DiTrapano RPh

Chuck DiTrapano RPh

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RxToolKit was founded by an experienced infusion pharmacist to act as a virtual pharmacist. RxToolKit’s flagship software solutions include RxWorkFlow and RxELearning which are web-based applications designed to reduce medication errors, enhance clinical competencies, increase patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes.

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