Introducing RxWORKFLOW for Vaccine Safety™

While we are all facing the challenges of this pandemic and with one of the primary focus points being the development of a vaccine, we at RxTOOLKIT® are excited to announce a new RxWORKFLOW™ collection that will be invaluable to anyone who administers vaccines.

Did you realize that there are 85 different vaccine products approved for use by the FDA? While some of them are reserved for use by the military or only in emergency situations, there are 67 that are available for use on a non-emergency basis.

In addition, vaccines are a major cause of medication errors as reported by the Institute of Medication Practices (ISMP). Among the reported findings*:

  • Most reported errors with vaccines reach the patient, as opposed to being a near miss or hazardous condition.
  • Most of the reported errors occurred in medical clinics, physician practices, hospital (ambulatory), and public health immunization clinics.
  • The four most commonly reported types of errors involving vaccines were: wrong vaccine administered, wrong age (i.e. patient not correct age for vaccine being given), extra dose, and expired vaccine.
  • More than half of the events involving administration of the wrong vaccine were associated with similarities in vaccine names, abbreviations, or labeling/packaging.

RxWORKFLOW for Vaccine Safety™ has built-in features to address all four of the most commonly reported types of errors involving vaccines issues responsible for confusion and medication errors around vaccines:

  1. Wrong Vaccine / Wrong Name:
    • Solutions:
      • Full-color images and link to the package insert provide visual identification of the correct vaccine
      • Information and links are provided regarding reporting adverse vaccine events
  2. Wrong Age:
    • Solution:
      • Indications section clearly identifies if age is a consideration
  3. Extra Dose:
    • Solutions:
      • Indication and vaccine schedule for routine and catch-up vaccination
      • Directions for preparing and administering the vaccine, including the dose, vials/containers to use, route of administration, and any special precautions
  4. Expired Vaccine:
    • Solution:
      • Clearly stated and specific storage requirements are provided

The RxWORKFLOW for Vaccine Safety™ collection will provide a vital reference source to infusion centers, physician practices, pharmacies, hospital (ambulatory), medical clinics, and public health immunization locations. And yes, as the COVID-19 vaccines become available, they too will be included!

Also available (coming soon) is a vaccine education course with a test so that you can provide vaccine safety competency training for your staff.


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Chuck DiTrapano RPh

Chuck DiTrapano RPh

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