Reflections on the Future of Infusion Safety

In life, you don’t often get a chance to be a part of something at its inception. Those of us who attended the first NICA meeting in Austin were provided just such an opportunity. For the very first conference put on by NICA, it was flawless. The breakout sessions were informative and subject matter was on point. The food was even good! Credit goes to NICA leadership: Brian, Morgan, Amy and the rest of the team.

For the RxTOOLKIT team, the best part of the meeting was the people: the attendees, the speakers, and the other exhibitors. We were fortunate to be part of many lively and productive discussions about issues facing the infusion market today: medication safety, operational costs, quality of care, clinical excellence, patient satisfaction, and staff training.

What became clear to us was that for providers, the patient and their experience was one of the most important goals of care. To accomplish this the focus was on staff competency, appropriate technology, and outcome measurement. This included using outcome data as a tool to rewrite and improve the very goals of care.

Another big highlight of the meeting was the release of the NICA Minimum Standards for Outpatient Infusion. This important document is the first step in developing the process and consistency necessary for the safe preparation and administration of sterile parenteral products in an outpatient infusion environment.

We are also thrilled to report that RxTOOLKIT already has tools available that help providers meet or exceed a number of the recommendations made by the NICA Minimum Standards! We are excited to be an integral part of helping this vital industry in providing a safer, more convenient, and cost-effective channel for infusion therapy in patients with chronic illness.

The relationships that we establish in life can often help shape our future successes. With an open dialogue and through the exchange of ideas we can lift each other up, improve the quality of care, and make it safer for both patients and caregivers.

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Chuck DiTrapano RPh

Chuck DiTrapano RPh

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